How to check which apps are taking memory?

Isn't there an app or utility to check to see what applications are eating up app memory?  Somehow, in the past 3-4 months, my average memory has come down to about 10 Mb....and this is after consistently running QuickPull and/or Aerize Optimizer.  I don't have that much stuff on my Storm 1 - Viigo, Facebook, GoogleMaps, ScoreMobile, Yelp, and UrbanSpoon are about all I have besides the original apps.  I don't even have BBM.  So what is it that's taking all the memory?  I do have Documents-to-Go, but I've had that since Day 1 when my free memory was close to 40 Mb.  If I forget to clear my browser cache, during the day, I get down as low as 4-5 Mb free memory, and I can feel the OS really laboring.


There are so many apps out there - why not one that works like ProcessExplorer on a Windows PC?

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The best way is trial and error.  Remove apps one at a time and test for couple days and see which one or ones are depleting your memory.  Or delete them all and install them one at a time and test that way.