How to resolve this error?

Hi All,


I am running on OS for my blackberry bold 9650. I encountered the error below while using whatsapp & I believe this is causing my phone to shut down restart by itself randomly on many occasions. Can anyone help please?


net.rim.device.api.database.DatabaseException:CREATE TABLE chat_history (jid TEXT, dirty INTEGER, unsent_line TEXT, subject TEXT, participants TEXT): disk I/O error


It seems like a phone hardware problem? Appreciate all advices. 😃

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Re: How to resolve this error?
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Community Leader

My first guess would be the app is at fault. Try removing the app, then reboot the Bold and use it for a few days without the app to see if it restarts. If the problem goes away, reinstall the app - then if the problem recurs you know it's the app.

Also, check your network settings; be sure it is set to Automatic, 1EX. Are you using wifi?

I have the Bold 9650, and also running OS, but have not had ANY random reboots. Others have, and have traced it back to an app or the wifi.

I use wifi regularly, at home and in a few other places I go to fairly often that I have set, and it switches to them automatically when I am in range. And as I said, I have not had any issues at all with random reboots. I love my BOLD!