How to setup email account on device other then Verizon?

I just migrate from T-mobile to Verizon and I face a big issue in using the Verizon service.


I need Chinese input and display, so, I am getting a Blackberry device from Hong Kong and just use the SIM.


This works perfectly with T-mobile as I just put the T-mobile sim into the Hong Kong Blackberry device and setup the email accounts.


Now, when I put in the Verizon SIM, it seems that it only work with the registered Verizon device and I am not able to setup the internet email account using the Hong Kong Blackberry.


Can someone let me know how to use Verizon SIM on non Verizon device (not locked)? or make the Verizon tour able work with Chinese characters?


Many thanks in advance.

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Re: How to setup email account on device other then Verizon?
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Verizon does not use the SIM card like TMobile and ATT phones do.  In fact, the SIM card can be taken out and not even used, unless you plan to travel abroad.  As far a getting Chinese language support, you can load Chinese language support via Blackberry Desktop Manager.  It should be listed among the language packs.