I am mad

I had a blackberry pearl until yesterday when I received a new blackberry tour. I was online checking out my account when I noticed that I am being charged an extra $20.00 for data charges. Data charges are for using the browser and e-mail, text, picture messaging from my phone. What I do not understand is, when you pay extra to be able to have unlimited text, pick and messaging plus, you pay extra to be able to access the internet from your phone; how is it that you can be charged extra for data? And Also, When you have a phone that doesn't work correctly ( like the blackberry pearl I had that would never send me my e-mail messages and never worked correctly) that I never used to access the internet; How is it that you can be charged for 30 days of data charges when I never used those features because my phone didn't work correctly?. That's why I got a new phone! Because I hated the blackberry pearl, it never would send me my e-mails. How do you go over your data usage when your paying for unlimited usage?

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The $29.99 data plan only covers unlimited web browsing and email. it doesn't cover any text or picture messages, so you'll want to check your bill details to see what exactly the charges are for. Did you ever call VZW and tell them that you were having trouble with your email/internet? Just because you don't use it doesn't mean you won't be charged for it. How are they supposed to know if it's not working unless you tell them?
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I want to add the $29.99 is required for all Blackberry phones (:smileywink:email, web browser, chat). Text, pix, video are different.)

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Wow, he's only being charged $20 and we're all being charged $29.99.....I want his plan!!  ROFL 


All joking aside, if you had your pearl for 30 days and it never worked right, VZW might be nice enough to refund you your data charge.  But like Chile said, just b/c you don't use it, doesn't mean you don't have to pay for it.  It's a mandatory stipulation when owning a BB.  The $29.99 or $20 in your case covers unlimited Email, Internet, and messaging through any of the native IM clients installed on the phone.  SMS and MMS are either covered under your calling plan or they aren't and are extra. 


Hope this helps.