I am wanting to know if my blackberry curve that I no longer use could be put on a phone card plan and if the number that she has on another phone can be transfered to the curve?

I am giving my old phone the curve to a friend who wants to know if the phone can be phone card used?

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Good afternoon shrimpski. What a wonderful friend you are to be giving your friend your old Blackberry Curve. I need to find some friends like you to get me out of sticky situations. Are you wondering if they can use it on a prepaid account? Depending on the make and model of the Blackberry, they may be able to activate it on a Verizon Wireless prepaid account. For more information on our prepaid options please reach out to our prepaid team at 888-294-6804.

Verizon Wireless phones can only be activated on Verizon Wireless accounts. If they are looking to use the device with a different carrier, they would want to bring it to the carrier to see if it is a device that they can activate on their network.

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