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I hate my Blackberry Tour

Hello everyone,
I am literally on the verge of canceling my service with verizon. I have been there loyal customer for many years; switching phones on and on due to the sad fact that there phones are so TERRIBLE :smileysad:I have the blackberry tour, and if i have more then a few apps running, it will literally get stuck. Forcing me to curse RIM's engineers, RIM's chairman, and force shutdown my phone. What should I do :smileyindifferent:I'v been thinking to go to apple an At&t, but there rumors about the new 4g going to verizon... someone, shed some light in my darkness! thank you.

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Re: I hate my Blackberry Tour

Not sure what any of your complaints have to do with Verizon.


IMO, the Tour is the best BlackBerry out there now.


I have set mine to power off automatically at midnight every day and back on at 6am.

That clears out the memory.

I have never seen mine slow down.

It could be one of the apps you are using has a bug in it.

I also try to close the app and not leave it in memory if I am done.

I probably don't try to run too many apps at once: Mail, Facebook, FiOS Remote DVR and BrickBreaker is about it


Did you upgrade yours to version 5.0?

That seems to work a lot better for me.


Start here:

Re: I hate my Blackberry Tour

Use Quick Pull app  have it set to daily use  It is a "soft battery pull" app without removing the battery.

Battery pulls are good for the BB  I will also do a hard pull at least once a week.

I also will clear the cache in the browser  while in the borwser  hit the menu key and then options and cache  click till cleared and cleaning memory


another thing you can do is clear out the log event  while clicking down on the alt key   hit  L G L G  then click on the menu key

scroll on clear log and delete  


making sure you close out on an app after using is a good thing  closing out on apps helps the BB to run better.


Hope these tips help