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I hate this phone.

I swear they make phones to only last two years so that you'll "upgrade". Right around the two year mark and suddenly the phone is freezing up, takes forever to do anything on the internet (sometimes won't even connect), if I talk to someone longer than 20 minutes they suddenly can't hear me but I hear them and now I have what looks like glitter on a section of my screen.

I don't abuse my phone and always have it in it's protective case. Does anyone make quality products anymore?

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Re: I hate this phone.

Honestly...No. Pretty much any technology made these days is geared towards making sure that in the future you need to upgrade to something better. Not necessarily that there is a self destruct secretly installed. But quality of the devices'  components are not assured, and generally deteriorate after a year or too. Even further than that, releases of better and new technology is configured to come out a rate of steady increase to gain the highest amount of dollar value from a product.

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Re: I hate this phone.

Name something you use everyday for two years and works the same way as when you first got it.

Computers, if you keep them up to date and do resets.

Phones, if you keep them up to date and do resets.

not much else.