I lost my phone...

I was getting ready in my bedroom this morning and my 1 year old ran off with my phone. Well, I've looked for HOURS and I still can't find it. No idea where else it could be! It's shut off, so I can't call it. Probably an incredibly **bleep** question... But can Verizon turn it on for me somehow? I don't know what else to do! Any ideas??? I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks! :smileyhappy:

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Re: I lost my phone...
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Sorry, but VZW can't turn on or find your phone.


You should suspend the service anytime your phone is lost or stolen. This protects you against any unauthorized charges made from your phone. You can suspend it yourself online using My Verizon, then click on the My Services tab, then click on My Phone from the menu and then click on the link for Suspend Service.  Also, you can suspend it by calling Customer Care at 800-922-0204.


If you have questions about your replacement/upgrade options, or to activate a different phone on your mobile number, speak to Customer Care.

Re: I lost my phone...
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I know this may sound odd but sometimes when you are not looking for something it appears somewhere. That has happened to me in the past. Lost a small wallet then found it a month later.


You may want to look outside too. Maybe the 1yr old went outside.