I need help...

I have the Blackberry bold 9650 ( I think) and I have no clue what all these applications are nor what they're for.  For instance, City ID & BING.  What are those?  Also, why when I send a picture message (MMS) does it not show anywhere in my messages box.  How do I know I sent it? 


Please help, I'm so confused.

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Re: I need help...
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Hi. Welcome to the boards. Bing is the default search engine (like Google but this one's by Microsoft). City ID is a caller ID program where you get a free trial, then would have to pay a couple dollars a month if you decide to keep it. I believe it simply identifies the city for each incoming call who's not a contact.


If you want to hide any of these icons on your screen, simply highlight the icon and press the menu key (left of trackpad). Click on "Hide" and it won't show up on your main screen. To later see all your hidden icons, hit that same menu key and select "Show All."' You can also create a folder to store unused icons.


Re: your MMS question, that should show up in your messages folder, along with your emails, texts and missed calls. Is your BlackBerry Internet Service working correctly? Do you have Internet service when you open your browser?


Lastly, always try a battery pull to reset your BlackBerry when it doesn't seem to be working correctly. Pull out the battery while the BB is turned on, leave out for 10-15 seconds, put it back in and wait for the device to reboot.


Post away if you have any more questions! Good luck.