I was at a Verizon store

Was told today that q10 is no longer supported by Verizon however on the website it seems still used ? Any ideas ?

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Re: I was at a Verizon store
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LEIBLEG, I'd be happy to help clear up the status of the BlackBerry Q10 with you today. To clarify what the store meant, the Q10 is no longer being sold as a device you can buy as a new smartphone. However, the Q10 can still be activated and used on our network. If you already have a Q10 as your phone, we still troubleshoot and support you with it as well. The only thing you wouldn't be able to do is to purchase a new Q10 from our stores. Did I explain that okay?

What caused you to inquire about the Q10 at the store?

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Re: I was at a Verizon store
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The Q10 is no longer being activated but according to VZW if it is currently active on the network, it will continue to work beyond 2019.  It is under debate whether the Q10 is capable of VoLTE but considering that it will work after the transition from CDMA, it is.