In Costa Rica No Service

Have a global Blackberry wih Verizon "world phone". The I-phones work. The ATT's get GSM only, but my Verizon can't find a network. I subscribed to global but it doesn't work. Any ideas.

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Re: In Costa Rica No Service
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I have provided some information below that may help with details and services in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica uses the technology GSM (Dual-Band), which if you have a Blackberry World Edition 8830 will work. The Blackberry World Edition will also work in the following locations listed in the link below:

***Please also note that using the Blackberry for data in Costa Rica it will present a charge, unless you have a global plan. Unlimited global packages for data (which would replace your existing domestic package of $29.99) are available for unlimited usage. I have posted the link below for your convenience on these packages:

I have provided a link below for the information on coverage, rates, and dialing instructions:

For text messaging rates please visit the link below:

***Please note if you are traveling to countries outside the U.S. that uses GSM technology (like Costa Rica), a SIM card is required.

I have listed some steps to ensure that you are picking up the correct network on your device.
-Check to see if your wireless network is on – Press your menu key – Select Manage Connections – Ensure mobile network is checked. ***If not, check it to ensure your radio is on.

-Check to see if the device is on the Global or GSM mode. Press your menu key - Select Options - Select Mobile Network - Network technology (should be Global or GSM)

-Check to ensure data is ON - Press your menu key - Select Options - Select Mobile Network - Data Services ON

-Ensure you are on I.C.E. network - Press your menu key - Select Options - Select Mobile Network - Network technology (select GSM) **Once selected change the Network Selection mode from Automatic to Manual. Your phone should do a scan for available networks. Once scanned, ensure you select I.C.E. as your network provider (if not already selected).

****Please be advised that once your device is on GSM, you will need to switch to back to Global once you are back in the United States.

If you are not able to scan successfully, put it back on automatic from manual and complete the step below.

-Last step is to pull the battery on your device for at least 2 minutes. This will allow your device to re-register on the local network once it is rebooted. ***At this point you may also want to ensure your device as a SIM card. The SIM card will be red and black and have a Verizon Wireless and Vodaphone label on it.

You can also check your SIM card and ID number by doing the following:

-Press your menu key
-Select Options
-Select Advance options
-Select SIM card

If you do not have a SIM card your device will not function. You can however purchase SIM card’s back in the United States from our website or a local Verizon Wireless retail store.

I hope this information was helpful