International service for storm 9350 & SIM card error message
My international service was working until I got to the UK and I cannot find out bow to contact verizon. I try to email but the site won't let me. I can't find a resolution to the problem at the support site either. I have tried to establish the network connection via 3G 4g and global choices but all I get is a sim card error message. Another person I am traveling with is getting a message that says network services unavailable. Any suggestions?
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Re: International service for storm 9350 & SIM card error message
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Try powering the device off and removing the battery, then SIM card.  


Do not attempt to insert or remove the SIM card with the battery still installed in the device. Doing so can harm the SIM card and / or the device. 

Remove the battery cover (located on the back of the device).
Remove the battery.
Remove the SIM card.

Re-insert the SIM Card. 

Line up the SIM card with the card slot as shown.
Ensure that the metal contacts on the SIM card align with the metal contacts on your device.

Insert the SIM card into the card slot.
Seat the SIM card completely into the card slot.
Re-insert the battery.
Replace battery cover.

If prompted, select Yes then press in on the touch-click screen.
This message will also appear if the handheld software is reinstalled.
Then try making calls on the device.