Internet issues-not working
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 My internet is very slow and holds and freezes. The page will load but it takes a very long time and it holds and freezes every time I load a page. I am not sure it is my network or the blackberry its self. I did a hard reset by taking the battery out that works for a short time then wont work anymore. It says 3G next the the signal meter the level goes up and down a lot. Once the signal level was -95 dBm then 3 minutes it was -102dBm. So the signal seems to jump around everything on my blackberry works good its just the internet. So is there anything I can do to try find what the issue is? Sound like its my bb or network?

I get full 3G at my house and the weather is nice. 

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Re: Internet issues-not working
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Try to reset your PRL.  Dial *228 and select option 2.  Afterwards, pull your battery again and see if that helps.