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Is data plan needed just for Outlook sync?

Hi everyone,

I know that the question of whether you are required to have a data plan if you have a blackberry has been asked and answered several times as I have searched the forums for responses.


I am now writing my version of the question....and I will tell you why.


I needed a device that syncs with MS Outlook calendar...and is a good phone.  I can't afford $30 or $60 dollars for any additional plans but my work uses the Outlook calendar for everything.  I DON'T want email on my phone and I would love a device with browsing/wi-fi but I will let go of that.


I have been using a Samsung i760 for the past four months and basically....I hated it.  Poor design, slow OS, etc.  but it did sync with outlook.  Since I am on a month-month plan (until I know what phone I am using), I was nursing the phone along and looking forward to the Palm Pre coming in January....but not anymore....and now, the i760 is broken.


Which leads me back to needing a good phone that syncs with Outlook.


I have read that if I order the BB data plan and then cancel it, the phone will still work (and so would the direct sync with Outlook).


Has anyone done this....??


Any other suggestions?



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Re: Is data plan needed just for Outlook sync?


Welcome to the forums.  It sounds like maybe the Blackberry is not for you.  After looking at what Verizon offers, I think your needs would best be covered by the Motorola Entice W766 seen here.  It should be able to sync with Outlook with a third party software.  It does not have WiFi; for that you would need a smartphone such as the Blackberry or one of the Windows Mobile based PDA phones.  As far a getting a Blackberry plan and dropping it, I don't think your Blackberry would work on Verizon's network without it.  Your phone would be basically a brick with no service.  I suggest looking online and then going into one of the Verizon stores.  Good luck with your purchase.


Re: Is data plan needed just for Outlook sync?

Hi. All Blackberry devices require a data plan. It is not possible to activate a Blackberry without one or to remove the data plan as it is tied to the device esn by the billing system.


All Verizon PDA/Smartphones released after November 2008 require a data plan. The i760 does not. whether or not a device has wifi is not relevant for data plans. As a matter of fact, all carriers are beginning to require data plans on PDAs and Blackberry devices.