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Is there a new OS upgrade for the storm 1? If so should I upgrade?

I have a storm 1. Not sure which version of the OS it has but I keep getting notices on my computer that says new upgrade are available. Have there been any in the last 9 month or so for the storm 1 and if so should I switch over to them?

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Re: Is there a new OS upgrade for the storm 1? If so should I upgrade?


Welcome to the forums.  To check your Blackberry device's software version, go to Options>About.  It will be listed there.  The latest Verizon Wireless OS for the Storm is, released on 10/26/2009, almost a year ago.  I am not sure what kind of update your computer is telling you about.  There are a few leaked upgrades out there, but you should be careful.  Leaked versions do not include enhancements by the carrier, so it may or may not run correctly on your device.  It is not recommended to run leaked versions, only at your discretion.  With all that said, a good friend of mine who has a Storm swears by the as a great OS version.  Anyways, I hope this helped you in some way.