Issue with Exchange email on Bold 9930

I had my email all set, multiple gmail accounts, a yahoo account, and an Exchange account.  I had some issues and needed to wipe my device.  When I restarted everything, I was able to add back my accounts, but not the Exchange email.  It was SO EASY THE FIRST TIME, I just put in my email address and it firgured everything out for me.  Now, I've tried every method to set it up. From the phone, from the internet.

I've tried to sign into BIS, but it won't let me.  If I try to make an BIS account, it says you must do it from your phone.  If I do it from the phone, it says you can't use a computer browser to set it up.  If I say that I have an account, the password reminder email has my password as BLANK.  SO, I started a Blackberry Management Account and added myself as a member in an attempt to add the email!  Still doesn't work.

Exchange guys gave me the info I already had that worked prior.  They say nothing has changed and they don't force locks or what not onto my phone (it's a personal phone)

Any ideas?  There must be something stuck somewhere on my phone.  A setting that I can't see or delete!?

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Re: Issue with Exchange email on Bold 9930
Customer Service Rep

Hi dkinem!

Oh my! I know how important it is to receive your work emails on your device. Thanks for all the great troubleshooting that you have completed thus far. Let's get this resolved. What version/year of Microsoft Exchange are you using?
What specific error message are your receiving? I'm here to help. ^PF