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I updated my phone(via the wireless update on the phone) the other day to the 5.0 version i noticed the changes to the text screen (im a big texter) but then last night after i received a picture message with a sound that sound kept happening after everything so i connected my phone to my computer thinking it would be faster, well it asked me something about a PIN (didnt know i had one) that i couldnt provide, well it erased everything i had in my phone (tried the back up even before i did the update on the comp but it kept asking for the PIN so i see that didnt work) :smileymad: but it also erased the new features on my text that I want back:smileysad: but when i check for wireless update it says none are found.  So after raving about the way the texts were looking im back to the same old same old  pleas help!! and tell me how to do a pin so i dont loose anything else

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Re: Lost Features
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You can go into Options> Advanced Options> SIM Card and press the Menu key and select Disable Security.  Then it should not ask for a PIN number.