Lost my BB Storm 2...

I temporarily shut off service. I called the local stores and the local police departments as to where I believe I dropped it with the hope that someone possibly turned it in.


It is password locked and it is silenced (except for the morning alarm). I know there's a serial number on it, so they can't try and reactivate it.


So now...


What should I expect and what do you recommend I do from this point on?


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Lost my BB Storm 2...

nothing you can do ... your info will be save the person might try to enter a password wrong and if they exceed the max it will wipe all data from the phone...


if you had a buddyguard app installed you could use the location command if the phone is still on and see where its at..


The phone wont be able to be reactivated on verizon but i think they could unlock it and use on att / tmobile or they might be able to flash it and use on cricket or metro pcs..


If you had insurance and you have police report number you can maybe get it replaced.


Other than that there is nothing you can do and i doubt police even look as i bet tons of cell phone are stolen and lost each day.


Sorry i dont have much better news

Good Luck


Re: Lost my BB Storm 2...

welcome to the club pal, I recently lost my droidx and without insurance, verizon gave me only one option, buy from their certified pre-own list of phones or buy one seperately from independent businesses but you wont be able to insure those devices.  I end up buying a c.p.o. BB storm2 and inusred it this time.  If you were insured, since BB storm2 is a "advanced device", it is a 90$ deductible but hey it's better than paying over 250$ for a C.P.O or 500$ for a new retail one.  And yes if you locked it, they will try up to 10 attempts by default, if it doesn't work, Storm2 will wipe all data and bring it back to factory settings, I asked a customer service, what happens to the phone then? will the thieves be able to open an account with you all?  He said no that verizon normally zaps the phone, whatever that means,  I would think their answer would be that they will let them know this phone is a stolen unit and that they will notify the police unless they send it back to verizon, umm I dont think so, most likey verizon will open a new account for them, its all about the money at the end.  I wish they had a better solution for lost or stolen devices but for now if you buy an expensive phone, it's well worth the insurance for it.  Maybe after 1 1/2 year, stop the monthly insurance payments, start planning buying a new phone and repeat the cycle again.  As far as your BB storm2 goes, its a phone that is easily unlockable, which brings up a point , verizon makes their own phones so people cant switch sim cards, yet you go online and there are instructions to unlock all their devices.  At the end who gets hosed? the person who lost the phone because now they have to wait several days until they can reactivate another phone.  After my 2 yr contract is up, i will definitely reevaluate my choice with Verizon.  Sorry man, I feel for you, good luck with the choice you make.