Low Bluetooth Volume

Does anyone know how to increase the bluetooth volume of a Pearl flip 8230? I pair it with a 2006 BMW 330. (My Motorola Razr works fine with the same car.) I can turn up the car to full volume, but can still barely hear a conversation, and the person I am talking to says they can barely hear me. The volume buttons on the phone do not seem to work on a bluetooth call. The volume icon remains at 3 of 5 bars. I have fiddled with all the options I can find: Echo control, Automatic Volume Control, Enhanced Audio, Default Call volume.  Is this function disabled?

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Re: Low Bluetooth Volume
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Unless you get someone on here to help, call Verizon at 800-922-0204 from some other phone than the BB ask for tech, when it asks what the problem is say Blackberry.  If they cannot tell you how to do it, they can connect you to BB tech at no extra fee. Also call BMW dealer and ask them if there is someway to increase the Vol.  I assume you tried the car radio vol. when on BT?