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MMS question

Hey folks,


I have an 8330, and have an annoying issue.  I can send and recieve SMS...and I can send MMS (pictures, etc) with no problems.  But I can't RECIEVE MMS.  It makes no sense.


I've looked around on the phone, checked to make sure everythings allowed, checked the firewall, all that...but for some reason, I'm not getting them (mainly from my wife's phone).


I don't know if I'm just missing something **bleep**, or what.  Can anybody help me?



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Re: MMS question
Sr. Member

Check the MMS Options settings on your phone.


  1. From the Blackberry Home Screen, select the Options icon
  2. Select and open MMS
  3. For Multimedia Reception and Automatic Retrieval, make sure Always is selected
  4. For Message Filtering, make sure Reject Anonymous Messages is unchecked
  5. Press the Blackberry Menu key and select Save if you make any changes


If that doesn't work, try pulling the battery from the phone for a few seconds, reinserting and trying again.


Still not working? Contact technical support from a different phone, have yours with you, at 800-922-0204 or *611 from a different VZW mobile. It would be helpful when calling to have your wife's phone with you so the tech can make sure her phone can send MMS okay.

Re: MMS question


Check the size of the file that is being sent.  If it is more than 3mb, it will not be delivered to your device.  When you take a picture, check in the camera options to use a smaller file size be default and it should send ok.  If that does not work, call customer service.


Re: MMS question

Weeeeelllll.....I *think* I have it figured out.  Thanks for all the help, guys.  I had already done a battery pull, which didn't help, and all the settings were already correct. 


But...after a LONG google search, I finally ran across an interesting post.  Person with the same problem, and the solution (as **bleep** as it sounds) was to send myself an mms, to "activate" it.  I think it was working from the store originally, but I've flashed it a couple of times since.  So maybe I DID need to activate something, or trigger something, I dunno.


Anyway, after sending one pic to myself, now I'm recieving just fine from outside.


I don't know why it worked (unless it's a bug of some sort), but at this point, I don't care.  Smiley Happy