Memory Card Error


For the past few days, my Blackberry keeps saying


"A media card has been inserted that contains errors. To correct the errors, please use a disk error checking utility on a computer."


I have done this and there are no errors. This would happen everytime I plugged my phone in to charge. I did a hard reset today with pulling the battery out once I noticed my ring tone (saved on my memory card) and my background (also saved on my memory card) are gone and all my pictures are also gone.


I put the memory card in my computer, and there are no errors. I can open up every file and no problems. I have checked the forums and followed other advice from users with similar problems and still no resolution. I have googled and also followed and tried advice from others. Still no solution. HELP..............


I have done everything. What is interesting is this error kept coming about but I kept ignoring it because I did not have a problem at all and everything was working normally. All of a sudden today, that changed when as I said above everything is gone now.


Please advise.






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Re: Memory Card Error
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You may want to save the contents of your memory card to your computer since you are able to open them up when you use your memory card in your computer and then try another memory card in your phone. If you get the same problem then you may have an issue with the memory card slot being damaged.

Re: Memory Card Error

have you tried formatting the card from within the blackberry software (i.e., format the card in the phone from within itself).  There's been a bunch of problems with cards that weren't formatted internally.  I even had it happen...I had a card that was fine, put stuff on it, and transferred it to the phone.  Caused all kinds of problems with instability.  Then I happened on a "you have to format the card from within the phone, using the phone's own software" posting somewhere.  I did it, and never had any more problems with it.


Just something to try.