Memory Issues

I can't delete SLacker Radio from my phone.  The App is stored in Applications but I can not select the app to delete it.  I believe the Slacker Radio app is causing my phone to freeze up.  Can someone please help me with this issue.  Thanks in advance





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Re: Memory Issues
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Hey what's up,


Have you tried deleting in desktop manager??  If still can't...


There has to be a way to do it, try delete in safe mode when phone is starting up "after battery pull" press and hold the escape for about 20 sec--wait till restart and try to delete in safe mode,  also if it's not on your applications then it's not installed and only icon appears.. Yeah I deleted slacker, not getting along with storm right now hey try pandora, I have not had any problems with it..


I'm starting to install third party apps and test is doing good so far, The time is coming.. To start loading them apps...


I LOVE IT!!! So far no major memory leaks or conflicts...apps are starting to get to now the storm alot better now...