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I can't figure out what the indicator is for: circle with a down arrow in it and the number 2 next to it.  Which application does this belong to, and what is it telling me?  It is located to the right of my  email message envelope, left of the clock, at the top of my screen.  Thanks for any help.

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The notification that is appearing on the device is commonly a Blackberry App World notification. The notification is to inform you that new updates available for programs that you may have installed from App World.

If you have reviewed the Blackberry App World and no updates are available, I would recommend the following steps below:

    1. Depending on model, ensure you select show all (you may have a hidden icon). To do this (depending on model) press your menu key twice, and in the sub-menu that pops up, select show all (if available).

 2.      Depending on the device model you have, check your universal messages box (this box would look like an envelope). If you have a new message that was left unread, it will be in a darker bold color.

3.      Check your SMS/MMS box. The notification indicator may also be a new SMS or MMS message that has not been addressed

I have also included a Blackberry Article below to provide some additional information on the message indicator.

As a last step I would recommend a battery pull. Pull the battery out of the device (whether the device is on or off doesn’t make a difference), and place the battery back into the device. The phone will reset and once it is back on the home screen, check to see if the message notification is now gone.


I hope this information was helpful.