Message counter incorrect.

I have a personal Verizon BlackBerry Curve and a work provided AT&T
Blackberry Curve that both interface with my account.  Both
Blackberry devices are working fine and confirmed by their respective support


The unread message counter on the top of the screen sporadically shows
unread messages that do not exist. If I search for all UNREAD messages in the
phone, nothing is returned.  Since there is no actual message in my INBOX, I am
leaning toward a SPAM message that trips the counter, but is moved to the SPAM
folder before being pulled down to the device.  This happens once, twice, three
times a day and is getting quite annoying.  Mail is flowing to and from without
any problems.


If I pull the battery out and in to restart the device, the erroneous message
counter is corrected.


The amount of unread mail in my mailbox matches the message counter on the phones, but the messages are not being pulled down.  I also noticed that marking a message as READ on the phone, does not get updated to the mailbox consistently.


The fact that this happens on 2 different phones, on two different carriers, tells me this is not phone related but rather


Anyone have anything similar?

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Re: Message counter incorrect.
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Do you have SMS messages integrated into your message folder? This will affect your message count. Ensure you have the exact same settings on both BBs also; same reconciliation, etc. Also check your SPAM folder to see if your theory is correct.