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Messages delete after 5 days on 9930 (even though set for 'forever' in options)

Anyone else having issues where their emails and text messages delete after 5 days (despite setting them to keep 'forever' in the delete messages option)?? I am beyond frustrated. Verizon support had no answer for this and BlackBerry said it was a Verizon server issue. I have a CES and my IT dept says it's definitely not their setting (they have no control over texts stored on phone) but likely Verizon. I'm about to switch carriers and get a new phone. I can't do business like this!!!

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Re: Messages delete after 5 days on 9930 (even though set for 'forever' in options)
Customer Support

Punkapoo, I can see why you would be frustrated over your messages deleting on their own. I hate to hear that you're ready to leave VZW and would like to help figure this out. I have seen issues with emails being deleted on their own, but never text messages. These are saved to the device itself. For your email, do you use Outlook? Just to verify, make sure that messages are not set to delete from the server and also not set to delete after a number of days. Also, are you using a Blackberry Enterprise Server? Has this been going on since you first received this phone or has something changed?

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