Movies on Blackberry

Is it possible to download movies and watch them on a blackberry 8530 curve? I have a 4 gig memory card.

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I buy movies from "" It cost me $29.99, but it buys alot of movies. They are from another country, So when i paid the $29.99, had to pay a overseas transaction from my bank, which was .90 cents. Like for instance, 1 movie was $1.67 and is very clear. My account is down to $5.00 so i can get a few more movies, before i refil it.

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Go to and look up the Mobiola Video Studio. I got an email  from the CrackBerry store yesterday that it was half off at $7.50 (it's full price today though, sorry). You can try it for free though, which I recommend before parting with your money.


Or, I really love Yesterberry! It's my new favorite app. The streaming movies and TV shows are classics not new, but there are sports and news stations too. I have watched HBO using this, but I haven't seen that channel for a while so it may not have been working correctly. It's really cool and also free ... although if you like it, it's common practice to make donations to support the developer's ongoing server costs, which also helps ensure the app stays around.