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Multiple Problems with Storm

I have had a BB Storm for almost a year now. I have been through 3-4 phones in that time period, and everytime I turn one in for a problem (like randomly resetting itself), the the one they give me has more problems.  The current one has started lagging during text messages so much that it jumbles my letters that I type.  At first I thought it was just me going to fast, so I slowed down, and it still does it.  The major problem has been that no one can hear me on my phone.  They tell me I sound muffled ALL the time.  There are a few other smaller problems.  The only thing Verizon tells me they can do is give me a refurbished one.  So, I am on a 2 yr family plan with my dad. He is eligible for an annual upgrade in April.  Is there any way that I can get a new phone without paying full price? 

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Re: Multiple Problems with Storm

I sincerely doubt it. They really don't care that they sent you a piece of crap phone--multiple times. I just upgraded after Christmas, and my phone has been locked up for over 95% of that time. On the day of my father's funeral, I was w/o a phone because my junky Storm I wouldn't receive or make calls. It has to think constantly and won't even play the alarm in the morning because it locks up to think. JUNK! :smileymad:


As many replacements as you've had, you might have better luck just calling them and being assertive. If it's been less than 3 repalcements, they won't do anything. Their customer service is just as pathetic as the Storm I!

Re: Multiple Problems with Storm

try this trick with the storm turned on open the back cover the remove the battery, this resets the phone and free up some memory. If you are able open up the APP store on your phone download and install a program called EVENT LOG. This program opens up the phones log. Everytime you do something to the phone its recorded in the event log. You need to clear the log by doing this also clears up memory. Delete/uninstall apps that you are not using. Make sure that you backup your phone using

DESKTOP MANAGER. And make sure that the phone is using the latest software.

You may not get a brand new one but search CRAIGSLIST for a phone