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My BB Bold stopped ringing

OK so I had my BB Bold for a month Exactly and it stopped ringing, I noticed this when it vibrated from 2 am until 10 am when i woke up and had a text from that time. Well I have gone to the store 3 times, each time im promised that if the problems reoccurs they will provide me with a new one, but it has yet to happen. I paid full retail price for this phone and its aggravating to have to remove the battery and wait forever for it to "reboot". This is my 3rd BB and the other 2 froze within the first 24 hrs but I was treated like a idiot when I went in the store and was told to hit close everytime i went into something (which I had been doing, im not a dumb***). So this BB Bold will be the last black berry I ever own, I only got it bc its the ONLY nice non-touch phone thats offered and after my contract is up I will not renew it with Verizon bc they cannot seem to keep the promises they make to customers and their employees in the stores SUCK and have no idea what they are doing

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Re: My BB Bold stopped ringing

Occasionally mine will do that if I am futzing around with the profiles.  It is always solved by re-booting.