My Blackberry Tour was damaged - BROKEN SCREEN

My BB Tour still functions as a phone, but that's about it.  The screen got broken in an unfortunate softball incident, so now I can't see anything.


I need to get my contact list OUT of my BB.  I've used the Desktop Manager to backup my files to my computer, but the file is not readable.  It's got a weird .ipd extension that no program seems to know what to do with.


Can someone please tell me how to get my contact list out of my BB?  I have purchased the iPhone4, but it won't arrive until 2/19.  Meantime, I need my phone numbers!!


Please help!!  Thank you!

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Re: My Blackberry Tour was damaged - BROKEN SCREEN
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If you've been doing back ups you should be ok. You can't open the IPD file it is a back up used by DM. If you had back up assistant loaded on your phone you can also log into My Verizon and pull the contacts via back up assistant from there. Oncee uploaded you can view them. Hope it helps

Re: My Blackberry Tour was damaged - BROKEN SCREEN
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Leeford54 is correct and that is a good way to backup contacts.  With all of the recent problems folks have been having with Backup Assistant, I use a 3rd party software application on my PC to keep track of my contacts and appointments.  It is called DataPilot by Susteen.  The program can be purchased for about $20 bucks and is well worth the money spent.  I started using the program about 4 years ago and it works with just about any cell phone on the market.  It can backup your contacts and calendar info from a cell phone and save it to your PC.  If you get another phone, you can simply restore from the program.  You can head over to for more info.  Trust me, you get what you pay for and for $20 bucks it was worth the money.