NEED AGENT activate data feature like customer service has for months due to error

for the last 4 months customer service thru email has had to activate data after my plan renews i just found out the email option is gone. So i need an agent to do it below is what the agent said thru his email in june when they ask for me to reply via email. btw the error has been happening since April where my blackberry data turns off on verizons end and i can't get email or send or use browser or send and receive picture messages once my plan renews

Good Morning Monica,

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless once again, this is Mike again, and it's my pleasure to again enable your data feature for your account.

I have once again activated the proper data feature on your account and I have submitted another error example. I have also found that this issue is common with blackberry devices and we are currently working on a solution. Until your data feature no longer needs to be activated by a representative each month, i will be more than happy to assist you with activating your data whenever your plan renews if you simply reply to this email and request that i activate the data.

thank you, Monica for contacting

Verizon wireless once again. We

greatly appreciate that you provided us

with another opportunity to assist you.

again this is Mike, and it's my

pleasure to activate your data feature

once again. please continue to feel free to reply to this email or call customer service at (888)294-6804 if you ever

have any other questions or concerns,

thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless.

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Customer Service Rep

heavenearthlove21 Oh wow! This concerns us that you are inconvenienced with data feature errors so often. We want to get to the bottom of the data activation issues on your Blackberry. Which Blackberry Bold are you using? Is this for a prepaid account?

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I am using blackberry bold 9650 and it's a prepaid account


When I first got the prepaid account last year it happened twice then

all of a sudden it fixed itself. But then since june I have had the

problem consistently. I did everything the agents told me took out

battery, did a whole clean of the phone and pressed *228 to update.

But none of that worked the only solution that works every month is

when an agent activates the data feature then I can send and receive

pics and send and receive mail and use the native browser with no


Customer Service Rep

Thanks for the additional information, @heavenearthlove21!

We support post paid accounts only here.  However, please reach out to our Prepaid Customer Service Team at (Toll Free) 888-294-6804 for further assistance.  They will be happy to assist in restoring your device data.  Thanks again!

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I did a diagnostic check and this part came up. I think the BIS

service is not connecting but i think it's on verizon's side. Each

time the customer service agent turned on data on verizon's side it

fixed the problem.

I saw online many blackberry's have the issue like the agent told me.

so i need for this to be fixed because i am paying for data.

Diagnostic report

Blackberry registration: Yes

Connected to blackberry: No

Blackberry pin-pin: abort