NEED HELP? Bold 9930 or Razr?
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I need help from the community since researching sites like Consumer Reports has been leading to more confusion than answers.

I am looking to replace my 2+ year old Blackberry 8330 and am torn between new BB Bold 99330 and Motorola Razr.  My primary uses of a smart phone are:

+ email (I monitor 4 accounts on VERIZON.NET)

+ contact

+ calendar

+ browser

+ password keeper

+ memo

+ brickbreaker (for downtime, of course).

+ camera

How good is the Bold 9930 in supporting these capabilities?

I was looking forward to 4G but am starting to believe that the Android world is too Google (and gmail) centric,

I know this is a broad question, but any help from the community would be appreciated.

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Re: NEED HELP? Bold 9930 or Razr?
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Hello EMT_R,

Good to hear you're ready to upgrade to your next, new device!  I would like to provide you a link that can assist you with choosing the right smartphone, based on your needs and interests.

Smartphone Finder

I hope this helps you find the right device!



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