NOT receiving email on BB 9650. HELP!!!

I got the new BB 9650 and it's awesome.  I started to have a problem with the video so I took my battery out and put it back in. The emails were coming in just fine and now it's not. When I close Windows Mail, new messages appear on my BB. When Windows Mail is open, I don't get any messages on my BB. Why is this happening? It didn't happen before I took my battery out? I need to get my emails on my BB. Please help!! Thanks...

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Re: NOT receiving email on BB 9650. HELP!!!

i am having the same problem with g mail and yahoo..

Re: NOT receiving email on BB 9650. HELP!!!
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Hello Osurocks. I have read your post and understand your concern with not receiving your email on your device properly. You will want to make sure your email settings are configured correctly for Windows Mail. 

Configuring Email Services


  • Open Outlook Express / Windows Mail.
    Note From the Windows desktop, click Start > All Programs (Programs) > Outlook Express / Windows Mail.
  • From the top menu, click Tools > Accounts.
  • Select the desired email account then click Properties.
  • From the General tab, enter the appropriate information.
A display name for the account (e.g. - John Smith).
Email address
The email address for the account.
Reply address
The reply to email address for the account. 
From the Servers tab, enter the appropriate information.
Note If the Outgoing Mail Server requires authentication, ensure My server requires outgoing authentication is selected then click Settings.
Incoming mail (POP3)
The incoming mail server for the email account.
Outgoing mail (SMTP)
The outgoing mail server for the email account.
Account name
The username required when logging into the email account.
Note Usernames may vary depending on ISP (e.g. - john.smith@your.isp or john.smith).
The password required for account access. 
If Settings was selected, ensure the appropriate information is selected / entered then click OK
From the Advanced tab, enter the appropriate information (e.g. Port settings, SSL, etc.) then click OK.
Click Close.