Need a Little Help with new blackberry Tour!

I can not figure out how to change my icon settings from across the bottom to up and down.

I love this new Blackberry Tour.  Had the Blackberry Pearl for the last two years.

I just need to change the screen view.  Help!

I have been messing with it but somehow I have missed the place to change the icon view.

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Re: Need a Little Help with new blackberry Tour!
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You mean you want your icons to show up vertically on the screen as opposed to across the bottom? That's not a setting in your phone, it's a theme. The Tour only comes with the "bottom dock" theme. So you'll need to find a theme that suits your needs. I would suggest browsing around for free themes. Here is the link to the specific section for Tour9630 themes. Of course there's also Premium paid themes in the store.