Need a good Smartphone.....Ozone or Storm

I am switching from Sprint to Verizon in a couple of days.  Tired of Sprint not ringing all my calls, even with full bars.


I currently have the touch pro with Sprint.....good phone just kills my battery.  Plus Sprint service really stinks.


Needs of my new smartphone

  • Good Battery Life
  • A Full keyboard, or at least a touch screen like the Storm
  • Something that I can USBed to my laptop so I can use the internet
  • Be able to sync my contacts with my computer (I hate having to type all my contacts into a PDA)
  • Be able to check my email.  Currently use activsync on my Touch Pro because it is windows based, figured maybe the blackberry function would save some battery life.
  • WiFi and 3G
  • Bluetooth
  • At least 2 Megapixel camera


I always had a windows based phone, never owned a blackberry.


So suggestions between the two.....or maybe you have another suggestion.  Not really looking to get the Touch Pro again.


Thank you!

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Re: Need a good Smartphone.....Ozone or Storm

Well I went with a different phone.....The Blackberry Tour.


Thanks anyways.