Networked Files Not Supported ?!?!?

1.  I bought a Blackberry Storm from Verizon BECAUSE I wanted my music on my phone. 

2.  I installed BlackBerry MediaSync.

3.  When prompted, I identified iTunes as my music source.

4.  I synchronized the files with the phone and everything WAS working fine.


Then, 2 changes:  I lost my job and moved my profile from my business laptop to a new PC running Windows7 Professional.  And, I could not remove the Exchange account without doing a “Master Reset” of my phone.


My BlackBerry device works fine – and my email, calendar & contacts synchronize with my corporate account at Google/Gmail.


My iTunes on the new PC works fine.


But BlackBerry MediaSync DOES NOT WORK with iTunes!  2,514 out of 2,519 music files have the message “Networked Files not Supported”.  The music files have not moved!  They were always on an external drive on my home network.  I nonetheless updated the path (from \\Lacie\Share to a mapped drive) and allowed iTunes to “organize” the files thinking that might help.  Let’s be clear: BlackBerry Sync recognizes iTunes – but WONT synchronize most of the music.  It also recognizes the device – well enough to REMOVE 2500 songs and re-synch only 5.  The problem is not on the device: it is between BB MediaSync & iTunes on the PC.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled – both MediaSync and BlackBerry Desktop.  (I didn’t need the full desktop suite the first time around, but the support rep insisted it was necessary to get it to work.) I have changed the options from iTunes back to Windows Media and back again thinking that might “reset” or “reconvert” the iTunes music files.  I have upgraded iTunes. 


I believe that BlackBerry MediaSync does SOMETHING the very first time it connects to iTunes to make the files recognizable for synchronization.  I cannot get the BlackBerry program(s) to “initiate”.


Do I need to dump the BlackBerry & Verizon and get an iPhone after all????

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