New 5.0 OS, cannot read my mini SD on tour
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I have all the glitches from the new OS, the short battery, the click problem on the browser etc.  I called customer service yesterday and even in tech support they acted like they just didn't have any idea how to fix this issue other than a batter pull (which didn't work) so I'm coming here.


The issue is that when I connect my BB to the desktop manager, it can't see the SD card.  I can look at the device memory, but not the card.  I have never had a problem with this before the upgrade.  I tried the calfix to no avail.  The actual BB can read it fine, all my music and pics are there, but if I wanted to add or delete anything from it using BB desktop manager, I can't because it doesn't allow me to explore it.  Does anyone else have this problem or have a solution?


I'm really hoping that there are some fixes released for all of these bugs on the 5.0 OS.  I like the upgrades to the SMS and camera, but it's not worth the glitches and I'm considering downgrading back to 4.7. 

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