New Priv screen not responding after power button is pressed?
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I purchased my Priv on Saturday (9/17/16), and everything was fine with it.

Last night while using the phone, I pressed the power button to turn off my screen; when I went to turn it back on by pressing the power button again, it would not respond. I double-tapped on the screen as well, and got no response. I was able to power down the phone by pressing the power button and then guessing with my fingers where the "power off" option was on the screen, which I managed to successfully do (I could tell when the keyboard lights shut off that I had successfully powered down the phone). I then tried to restart it, and it would boot up (again, I could tell by the keyboard lighting up and the vibration), but the screen was black.

I swapped my SIM card into my old phone so that I'd have a working cell phone for today, and when I got back home this evening, I fiddled around with the Priv and to my surprise it turned on and booted up normally, the keyboard lit up/works, it connected to my Wifi immediately—but again, after I pressed the power button, the screen is permanently shut off, and I cannot get it to wake back up without restarting the phone.

I'm very confused as to what went wrong with it as I haven't dropped it or done anything of that nature. The only thing I can possibly think of was I was outside yesterday talking on it when it started to rain. I finished my phone call, which means it was exposed to the elements for a few minutes, but was by no means soaked or inundated with water (it was a light rain, not a downpour). I can't imagine that enough water would have been able to get into the phone while I had it up to my ear, but I'm new to the Priv and don't know how fragile it is in that regard—needless to say, I'm concerned about that possibility.

The phone has not been in any other sort of extreme conditions (dropped, submerged in water, etc.) so that is the only thing I can come up with that may have contributed to this. Needless to say, I'm devastated, but hoping I can get to the bottom of it and have the phone working properly again.

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