New to Blackberry

I recently bought a Blackberry Pearl, and before I activate it, I want to know more about everything. Right now I currently have the Samsung Rogue and I have unlimited text messaging with it. Will the unlimited texting transfer over when I activate my Blackberry? Also with the SMS, is that pretty much the same thing as a text message on a standard phone? And does the SMS use data or the internet?


I really appreciate the help, I can't wait to switch to Blackberry!!

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Re: New to Blackberry
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Welcome to the boards. And to the world of BlackBerry ... you'll love it.


You should be able to keep your plan with unlimited texting, and of course you'll have either the $15 or $30 data plan along with it. Yes, SMS is the same as text messaging. It does not use data or the Internet.


However, if you have friends with BlackBerrys, you can use BB Messenger, which is an instant-messaging app, and that uses data not text messages. I like BBM because you can see if the recipient read your message and whether s/he's typing a reply, and you can also set your status to available or unavailable.


Come back once you're all activated and let us know how you like it. And of course, feel free to post any questions.