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New to Blackberry



My husband just bought a Blackberry Bold 9650 and it has all these cools apps on it... my fear is that my plan won't support the use of these apps and I'll have a heart attack next month when I open our bill.  Would you guys mind taking a look at our plan and offering advice on the apps that would not be included?  Based on what I've read today on this forum, it looks like using Navigator would incur a fee but that's about all I can tell for sure.  Also, does anyone know if Verizon lets you see what your bill is prior to the actual closing of the billing period?  (That way I could check after using an app to see if there was a fee for it instead of playing with it for the next month and then finding out what it cost us....does that make sense?)  I'd appreciate any and all insight you could give me.  Thanks again! 


Okay.. this is our plan/features:



Included Features

Message Waiting Ind 3-Way Calling Call Waiting Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Friends & Family 10 Busy Transfer Call Delivery No Answer Transfer Unl Text Messaging NEW EVERY TWO


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Re: New to Blackberry


First, just looking at your plan, you are correct in that apps such as VZNavigator will cost you each month.  To be precise, $10 bucks per month per phone.  As far as other apps that do not cost you anything, you could check out Google's free map.  It is quite excellent and does not cost extra.  However, if you are looking for a map service with vocal turn by turn instructions, you can not beat VZNavigator.  I personally subscribe to it.  With each app you are not sure if it will cost, you should be informed before you install, for example, just as you were informed before installing and using VZNavigator. 

There was one thing I did notice about your plan.  You have Corporate Blackberry data plan listed.  That is $44.99 per month for unlimited data.  However, that is what we refer to as BES or Blackberry Enterprise Service, which is for connecting to a business server for email and calendar syncronization.  If you are using your BB as a regular phone for just individual use, then all you need is the regular Blackberry Internet Service data plan which is $29.99 per month per phone.  It is also for unlimited data use. 

With your new device and the data plan and the base plan you have, you seem to have everything else covered such as SMS (text) and MMS (picture and video) messaging.  You can also use Blackberry Messenger or any of the other instant messaging apps without fear because it uses data and you have that feature unlimited.  Your new Blackberry comes with a couple of games that are free.  BrickBreaker is a Pong-like game and Word Mole is a word search game that is fun.  Word Mole is also multiplayer capable, so you can start a game on your BB and play against your Hubby while he is on his.  There are lots of other free apps available at Blackberry App World, you just have to look around and explore.  Speaking of exploring, you can surf the internet until the cows come home because you have unlimited data.  Now, I want to point out one thing some people are confused.  The data is for just for the phone, not for tethering to a computer.  A lot of people have netbook or notebook computers and want to use their Blackberry connected to surf the internet because they may not have a phone line to connect.  This is tethering and costs extra.  You can add that feature or any of the others by simply calling customer service for free from your device at *611. 

I hope this has helped you a bit.  The Blackberry can be a fun device.  I personally love having my email delivered to my device.  BTW, you get a free Blackberry email account plus you can add 10 more personal email accounts to your device.  If at any time you have a question, *611 customer service.  They will let you know about any charges you may incurr.  Also, by signing up for My Verizon (top of this web page), you can check your device's usage at any time.  Good luck.


Re: New to Blackberry
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Welcome! I'm sure you'll soon be addicted to the flashing LED and custom profiles. Besides Navigator, the only other pay-to-use app that came on my device is Visual Voice Mail ($3/month). When you open these apps that require a subscription, you will clearly see terms you have to agree to before using. Hope that helps alleviate your concerns about a surprise bill. (Oh, and as Doc said, call to make sure you get the $29 BIS plan if you don't need Enterprise.) Enjoy!