No mail without sending service books

No idea why my email's stopped coming to my Blackberry 'cause I've done nothing to change the connections. Checked again to be sure the email addresses were correct, servers correctly identified, etc., but unless I resend the service books, I get no mail. I've had the BB for more than a year with no email problems, but this started a couple of weeks ago and I've had to resend two or three times a week. Now? I've had to resend the service books for both my home and office accounts DAILY for the past four days. What gives? And please don't tell me that mighty Verizon with its extensive reach ("rule the air!") and powerful 3G network (on its way to 4G) is bogged down with holiday use.

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Re: No mail without sending service books
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Power  the device off, then remove the battery 30 seconds and replace the battery, then power the device back on, then dial *228 send and option 1.  

Update the service books, on the device.  Then dial *228 send and option 2 on the device.