Non working phone since November 11th and I've been with Verizon 15 years

So I haven't had service since November 11th. I was on a global business trip which started in Beijing then to Malaysia and finally home to the US - my trip was about 3 weeks long.  My email & phone worked in BJ then I hit Malaysia and no service. Nothing like being thousands of miles from home with no working phone. I searched and searched for an international support number online & couldn't locate one. My global web team couldn't even find me one.... so I know it's not just me.

As a global company you should be available easily 24x7.


Call #1 - I place a call into Verizon on Sunday to find out that apparently my profile has been deleted off the network - vanished. The ticket was opened and went to their networking team. The eta was 24-48 hours.


Call #2 - I called back on Monday to speak to another technical agent to find out  the ticket hadn't even been assigned yet - I reiterated my phone had been out of service and I needed it working asap.


Call #3 - Placed my 3rd call to speak to another level 2 agent and was told to put my profile back on the network could take 3-7 business days. I calmly informed the agent I wouldn't be waiting 3-7 business days that it was critical my phone get back online and given they knew the issue, it shouldn't be rocket science to put the profile back. Here I am at day 4 and my phone isn't working - so much for urgency.


Call #4 - Placed my 4th call today and spoke to yes.... another Level 2 agent. She said my profile was restored - I asked her why wasn't I getting email yet? In addition, why hasn't anyone called me to let me know my profile was restored? After all, they informed me they said they would contact me when the ticket was resolved. She didn't know why nobody had called me.


In the end it didn't matter because I'm still not getting email at the moment and my inbound calls are still showing as unknown - folks that are in my address book.


Received a call back from 2 agents working the case at the same time - lol - do you think the call centers are integrated all ? NOT.   Agent 1 said she doesn't know why my profile isn't working and is investigating it. Agent #2 said she is also trying to work this same ticket and hopes they can resolve it today.


The agents are so professional and very nice nice, working to do what they can but continuously hearing tickets are being routed, new ones created, i'm escalating your situation doesn't do much for the empowerment of the phone agent. Nor does it do much for a result oriented Customer.


I have 3 fabulous technical support tickets and still no resolution.


Ticket#1 - Sent it to a special dept. Requested it to be sent to another dept.

Ticket #2 - Sent it to a dept and was told it had to be escalated to IT dept.

Ticket #3 -  ITSD Dept - supposedly is working the ticket. Told my current agent that this also had to be resolved by billing dept to make sure there were no double bills. I told her to solve for the phone issue first and they could solve for the billing on their own time.


Really?  I've been loyal to Verizon for 15 years and this is the premium support experience I get.  This is priority service for those Customers who have been loyal for so long and referred so many to Verizon as the very best!


I've clearly realized that my business / loyalty to Verizon is not as important to them as I thought.  I have to admit I'm completely disappointed.


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I am very sorry to hear about the issues you have been dealing with while traveling. I understand the need to have a working phone while in another country, as I travel often myself. Has this issue been resolved for you yet? You stated you were not receiving emails, are you able to access the internet on your device? If so, I will need to look up your Blackberry account to verify everything is still setup correctly with your email. Also, are you able to make outbound calls?


If you are still having any issues, I will need to review your account and trouble tickets further to see exactly what is going on. Please send me a private message with your name and mobile number for further assistance.