Not Getting Sound On My Blackberry Storm Using Notifier Lightspeed

I am using the Notifier Lightspeed,Buy when my Storm is in the holster I don't get any sound when I receive text or email messages.Why is this happening and is anyone else have this same problem?

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If you have already done these things then I am sorry I cannot help:

1) go to sounds Icon

2)scroll down to set ring tone alerts, push the blue bar

3) go to messages, push each one ,IE: email then settings are on the right  set volume other than silent, scroll down to in/out of holster set it to in & out. If you do this for all accounts and then MMS, PIN, SMSText and so on.  I have all mine set to silent and LED, only because my wife complained about the phone making a noise every time I got an email. But if that is not a problem for you, then go for it. Be sure to use the back button ( looks like a u-turn ) to get out and click save for each one.