Not sure what I need

I haven't purchased a Blackberry yet, but I was strongly considering it.


I have a work email account hosted by a provider.  They have an Exchange 2007 server and we are using Outlook 2007 as a client for our email accounts.  I rely heavily on the Outlook Calendar.  The provider does have a BES set up, but (and I'm not sure I understand this entirely) the user has to purchase some kind of license, apparently from Verizon


What do I need to purchased (plan-wise) to get the calendar continuosly sync'd on the Blackberry.  My schedule could change several times a day by an office staff member putting something on my calendar, so I don't want to have to set up my laptop and physically connect to the computer to sync after every appointment.  I've read that I cannot use OWA to check my mail and calendar through the BB Browser, so what are my options?



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Re: Not sure what I need
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In addition to your calling plan (If you require one) you would need to have the $44.99/month Blackberry Unlimited data package, this will allow you to sync your Calendar, Tasks, Contacts wirelessly. The $29.99 Blackberry data package does not allow the wireless sync of your PIM data and that is the only difference with these 2 plans. You can still be set up on the BES with the $29.99 data plan though.


If you do not need a voice calling planm you can have a standalone Blackberry plan for $49.99/month. This is the same as the $44.99 data plan but does not include any voice minutes. I believe it is $0.25/min to use voice with this plan.


Hope this helps!!