Nothing but trouble
I upgraded to the bold a month ago. The first one I brought back to Verizon because it kept freezing up and we thought there was a problem with the phone. Gave me another. A day later, same thing starts happening with the new bold. Freezes up constantly where I have to do a battery pull. What worries me most is what if there is an emergengy and I need the phone. Takes forever to power back on, but I know that is just the way bb is. This is my 3rd bb and I really liked the phone. I also enjoy the new OS but was told by a Verizon rep on the phone that I may have to downgrade? Now I 'm stuck with this for 2 hrs????
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Re: Nothing but trouble
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The Verizon rep was correct in that you may consider downgrading your device's software to OS 5 until a better OS 6 software update is released.  For more on downgrading, see my post in this thread at  Hope this helps,