OS update10.2 about finalized - leak is out - amazing!
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VZW support,

OS update 10.2 is about finalized and it is absolutely amazing with an incredible amount of added features. If one is interested, they can go to Crackberry to see many (and there are indeed many) of the additional features being added in this update, simply amazing. BB10 users will be very satisfied, that is, if VZW won't delay, again.

The question to VZW support is, are you readying your resources to release this update to your customers before TMO, ATT and others beat you to the punch again, thus angering your customers even more with an excruciatingly long wait for this very soon to arrive OS update? Here's your notification ahead of time to get and be ready. This one, will be, a really BIG deal if you delay it because this update coming is incredible and your customers will not tolerate waiting for it this time around.

No excuses....

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Re: OS update10.2 about finalized - leak is out - amazing!
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Here's an unofficial changelog for leaked 10.2 [leaked version available at Crackberry]:

What's new in leaked OS 10.2


  • Clearly improved system performance, application support (including Android Player) and animation

BlackBerry Hub

  • New "Priority" with the ability to establishing automatic priority rules (For example, based on senders name…)
  • Differentiation between priority messages in the hub (red bar on the right)
  • Shortcut to a list of all attachments


  • New visual notification on the lock screen (just click on the notification icon to expand)
  • The new "fast" actionable notification at the top of the screen (in  any application) with the ability to respond and take action without  running dedicated applications (mostly)
  • A separate notification for each group of BBM

Home Screen

  • A new quick settings menu with additional buttons and change of appearance
  • Dedicated access icon for BlackBerry Hub
  • New default wallpaper

System Applications

  • Task Manager, which allows such check which applications are taxing your system and battery
  • Weather app with a fresh look
  • Native application Evernote
  • New indicator for data
  • Remember gets extensive improvements including a search option
  • Changing some elements of the Music app’s UI

Default Applications

  • Ability to select and / or change the default applications that run on certain activities / references


  • Displays the total number of contacts


  • You can send a predefined SMS when you reject a call


  • Simplification of many interface elements, improved buttons and sliders


  • This finally is a native app. No more slow adobe AIR
  • Change the look of some of the UI elements


  • A new screen with a preview of the file sharing
  • Ability to edit photos directly from this screen before sending


  • The different sounds of clicks for keys other than letters / numbers
  • Vibration alerts can be activated by the introduction of an automatic change / amendment of the word


  • More than one alarm – for the first time in BlackBerry OS, you can set  more than one alarm at a time. Access to this feature can be accessed  directly by an icon on the screen watch, which is located in the upper  right corner.


  • New shortcut to the location settings geolocation photos
  • Preview transmitted images
  • The camera can now turn on a grid
  • After shooting, just drag its thumbnail in the top and then on one of the display in such case the – delete or share


  • WiFi Direct
  • New categories of tags NFC Smart Tags


  • Ability basic photo editing and to set as wallpaper

Voice Dialing

  • Additional features for advanced voice dialing


  • New loading bar browser
  • Longer holding the "Back" button in your browser calls the abbreviated browsing history
  • Reversible color reader mode (white text on a black background)
  • The smaller top bar


  • New recordings instructional
  • More instructions on the screen when you first start and configuration
  • New information after a screenshot – the amount of free memory
  • The new interface operations copy / paste

A lot of folks are going to want this as soon as it comes out, without delays, VZW

Re: OS update10.2 about finalized - leak is out - amazing!

Looking forward to upgrade. Enjoy my bbz10. Continuing to learn about features. Encouraging BBM for my siblings, work associates,  and offspring who are iPhone people. Staff of my office enjoying their Z10 for our communications. Love absence of back button, interface, tiles and Hub. Great device of business user.

Re: OS update10.2 about finalized - leak is out - amazing!

Good news. I hope VZW would release OS 10.2.1.xxx, not 10.2.0.xxx like other Carriers.  It takes me a long time to wait for an official update from VZW.

Re: OS update10.2 about finalized - leak is out - amazing!

Verizon Blackberry OS now out. Just got notification to upgrade.

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The update is a game changer,  Faster response, better "flick" response on the keyboard, and best of all adding android .apk's without sideloading. I love seeing the Netflix icon on my menu.

Re: OS update10.2 about finalized - leak is out - amazing!
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