Old 8830 unlock question

Hi all, please excuse my troubling you on here.


I am in the UK. A friend in the US has tried to help me out by sending me his Verizon 8830 he is finished with. When he sent it to me we thought that it would accept a UK Vodafone SIM but after trying one it says it is invalid. I have to assume that I need to unlock the handset.


As he has now upgraded is it true that Verizon will happily unlock this old handset so I can use it (I am out of work at the moment that is why he sent me the old one, as a favour)?


Is there a way I can do this via email as calling Verizon customer support from the UK is probably very expensive?


I appreciate any and all help thanks.




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Re: Old 8830 unlock question
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The original owner of the phone, your friend, would need to call VZW and ask for a SIM unlock code. You can't do it since you currently don't have it active on VZW's service.