One more issue-5.0 software & BB App World

I updated my software to 5.0. I get notifications on my home screen when an app I downloaded through app world has an upgrade available, which is nice. However, when I try to upgrade it I get a message "(insert app name here) is not available for download from App World." I get the same message for anything I try to download through app world whether it's an upgrade or first time attempting to download. I have deleted & re-installed app world & it didn't work to solve the issue. Anyone know how to resolve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: One more issue-5.0 software & BB App World
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hey there, what apps are you having this problem with? if its all of them then do a security wipe? Go to options, security options, security wipe, when there mark check user applications. Before all that I recommended you back up phone! In D. Manager.