PC doesn't recognize Storm

{keep it courteous}. It's the third one I have had of this model, I can't wait until I am eligible to upgrade, 18 months to go.


My latest problem is that I cannot get the PC to recognize the Storm. I have tried reinstalling the Desktop manager, that didn't help. I read in a forum about how to clear the cache and wipe the memory, that didn't do it either.


I can't do a backup or upgrade software...HELP!

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Re: PC doesn't recognize Storm
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Hey what's up, sorry to hear your frustrations, been there Brotha, " So its time for that technical mind set to come out " alright so check PC there might be a problem with usb drive. Might need an update... Or if not running the latest D. Manager version do so. Also on device, if all that is up to date then has to be PC....