Pearl Flip deleting calendar entries from phone when syncing to the computer.

BB Pearl Flip 8230


My calendar entries keep getting deleted from my phone.


I will enter an event to my calendar on my phone and then when I use my computer instead of everything syncing, the entries are deleted from my phone. This only happens on occasion though and never consistantly, but it just recently deleted a whole week and I don't know when any of my appts are. 


I have two email accounts on my phone and I'm currently using a Mac Book Air, Dell Desktop, and Blackberry to enter data into outlook. I'm running parallels on my Mac Book in order to run windows.


I have selected the setting on the phone to keep calendar entries forever, so the problem is definitely not an auto-delete option accidentally selected. Calendar entries for the future are getting deleted, not entries that have already happened.


Is anyone else experiencing this issues with their Flip? Any advice? I've tried recreating my email databases and a few other things, but just don't know if the problem will keep happening or not.




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To ensure that your calendar entries do not get deleted once you sync with your computer, I would recommend checking your sync settings on the Blackberry Desktop Manager.


Step 1. Download the Desktop Manager.


Step 2. Check all settings. (Some of the more important settings listed below:smileyhappy:



***Desktop manager is not supported and may not function correctly on a Dual OS setup.

***Check the synchronization option that works best for you. I have listed their explanation below:

Two way sync 

  • Changes are synchronized to the device and desktop application.

One way sync from Device 

  • Changes are synchronized to the desktop application only.

One way sync to Device 

  • Changes are synchronized to the device only.


***The Calendar Setup will be another important option to check (ex. The transfer of date ranges)


I hope this helps.