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Phone freezes/BBM/App. World

So my phone froze up and I had to complete a battery pull.  Simple/easy.  Upon re-boot I had lost my BBM icon and it was not found in the applications.  So I went to App. World to download.  My App. World icon was missing.  Wow, what happened?  So, I went to the BB website and sent both downloads to my phone.  It worked they came back.  So later my phone froze again.  Pow, same thing happens all over.  I still had the download emails so re-did it again.  Hopefully my phone does not freeze up again I am tired of downloading BBM and App. World back to my phone.  Any one else have this issue if so how did you correct it?  Verizon, can you hear me now!  One more thing... my phone never froze up before until the 5.0 download.  Anyone have a fix for this? 

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Re: Phone freezes/BBM/App. World
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You might want to roll back to .148 for now.  There have been reports that the 5.0 version of BBM doesn't play well with the offical release of OS 5.0.  Odd really because they were meant to play well with each other. That was the whole point of releasing BBM 5.0.


Also, some have had some luck by doing an install on a clean device. So back up all your data first then completely wipe your handheld and all 3rd party apps. Then try and do the 5.0 install on top of that before reloading all your personal information and apps.

Re: Phone freezes/BBM/App. World

I was so excited to see the new OS released.  I have a co-worker that has had the beta on his Storm and it looked great.  My Storm really sucks.  I call it my flashlight because all it does is reboot.  I have contacted Verizon about it and all...nothing gets done.  I am on my 2nd phone and I have only had my Blackberry for a few months. 


I was hoping this new OS would fix my rebooting problem.  Might have fixed the rebooting problem, but I have now gained a freezing up problem.  It freezes up when trying to send text messages, browsing, making phone calls, everything that I do on my phone. 


I am rolling back to the last OS now.  I am VERY dissappointed.  I have been VERY dissappointed since Alltell moved us into Verizon's hands.  My phones haven't worked and I to me, the customer support is worse.  And with getting the Blackberry, I am locked into this crap for 2 years!  :smileysad: